In 1964, Urbain Moyen ventured into beekeeping in which started on a small scale of 50 hives. Urbain, his wife Pauline and their five boys dedicated their time and energy to follow their passion of providing 100% Raw Canadian Honey to their community.  The following years indicated a rapid expansion, in 1986 the Moyen Family operated 2500 hives. The year of 1986 also marked the official beginning of Urbain's two sons, Gerry and Marcel's partnership into the family beekeeping business. 

Over the next several years many changes occurred at Moyen Honey Farms Ltd, the facility itself was expanded and upgraded in order to keep up with the rapidly growing honey production.  

Today, Gerry and son Derek manage the operation and continue to produce 100% Raw Canadian Honey sold nationally. Seasonal workers from Nicaragua, along with local Canadians continue to be hired during bee season.